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About Warts

Some myths about warts

You can remove the Wart Virus from your body.

To be honest we were surprised at the amount of people and companies who were claiming you can kill the virus.  Unfortunately you cannot you will still have the virus.

We believe in honesty and giving you full support for you while you do this.

Another Myth

Warts have roots, you need to get to these to help remove them.

They do not, they only grow in the top layer of skin (the epidermis). For this reason topical creams can be effective.

How common is this ?

HPV are one of the most common diseases in the world. It's estimated that up to 15% of the population may have the virus. 

Choosing the best way forward for you

In many cases, topical creams may be the fastest and most effective with the skin; however, this is not intended to replace treatment for the disease itself. Prescription medicine will be required to treat the virus. A consultation with a doctor is highly recommended as medicines may have serious side effects if not correctly administered.